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The Birth of Jowls to Cheeks

With the birth of my son, I discovered the
zero waste world. Little by little, I changed little habits
and over time I realized that he was much more
easy to integrate these changes into my daily life.

not finding
not really what I was looking for in some garment makers, I
tried the experiment of doing my own articles myself. And I have
LOVED. Not just because it was easier than I thought, but
rather because I had the CHOICE of EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING.
Fabrics, design, level of absorption, type of construction.

moment when I realized that I could do something very well,
although I have no training in sewing, I decided to
launch, to found my little company, although at that time I saw
this more like a little challenge/game than a real reality.

It is
so in May 2020 I opened my shop. Initially I used
patterns that I liked because I thought that if I did not sell them
not, I will be able to keep them for me. It still took a few
days/weeks before the first order arrives. I would remember
still from this moment. I was filled with pride, but I finally had my
confirmation that my items could be interesting for others

Almost a year after opening the store, I have
sold over 350 items on Etsy. I have more than 10 types of articles
propose, but hundreds in thought.

What to say other than
now my shop is one of the proudest things in my life. I
always give so much love in each of my creations.
Thank you for choosing me.

Kim Deshaies

Kim Deshaies - Artisan behind Bajoues à Joues